Locks in the mind

Posted on 3/6/2014 by Lance Keene

Advice to a friend for controlling one's destiny.

Below is an email I want to share. A friend moved out west and took a job but now can only see his wife a few times a year. This is what I told him:

Hi Trent,

That’s tough being away from your loved ones for so long. I can relate. My wife and I have a long distance relationship before we got married. Thank god for Skype. We did video chat for 3 hours every day!

Food for thought. You are in control and you can change this situation. I’ll bet that if you made a real concentrated effort you could find work that you love closer to your wife. The need for Certainty is the most powerful of the 6 human needs as defined by Tony Robbins (see: TED Lecture ). And as such creates the most limiting beliefs. If you focus on purpose (building a great life with your wife) and not on outcome (making enough money to pay the bills) then you will find a way and everything will work out in the end.

Back in 2008 Matt Harding made the most viral video of 2008. Perhaps you saw it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY

He later said something very profound in an interview that really struck me:

Sometimes other people limit our options for us, sometimes we limit our options and we create the boundaries for our existence and say, “I can only do this, this is the job I’m cut out for, this is what I can do.” I think it’s really important when you realize that you’re the one creating those boundaries and you have control over them, there’s no lock on the cage, and you can open up the door, go outside and do whatever you want. -Matt Harding

There’s no lock on your cubicle my friend. The only locks are in your mind!


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