When it all began back in 1998
Back in 1998 I started making trips from Allentown PA, where I was living back up to New Hampshire where I grew up to look at land. I chose Darlene King of King Realty to help me. I said Darlene I want about 20 acres, great views, ledge and I don’t want to hear the neighbors, see the neighbors or smell the neighbors. And boy did she deliver. The lot was inside the national forest and had spectacular views. To boot, it was dirt cheap because the owner was taking a job in Tennessee.

When I walked out onto the cliff the view just took my breath away. It was incredibly stunning. It still has the same effect on me every time I walk out there. I knew immediately that I had to have this property. So I pitched a tent for the weekend and explored the lot. Shortly thereafter the lot was mine and my thoughts began to race!
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