Castle Project 2005
2004 saw the completion of the small terrace. In 2005 I had a number of setbacks. The road contractors bailed out on doing the switchbacks and so did the first blasting contractor because they couldn't go up the steep road.

After years of picking stone from around the cliffs there was no more stone to be found. So I hired a blasting company, Maine Blasting & Drilling, to make me some more building material. They did a great job but I thought they would just take a little off the top of my driveway. I had no idea how big the blast hole would be. Then I had a new dilemma: an 80 foot crater in the middle of my driveway! So from 2005 until the middle of 2008 I had to walk every bucket of water, every bag of mortar around the hole and out to the cliff one at a time. Even though it was late in the season, September, it was exciting year because I had nice freshly blasted granite to work with and I started working on the grand terrace.

In the pictures below you will see how I used a series of plastic cups to layout the new wall. Without using any modern surveying equipment I used techniques similar to those used by ancient people to layout the Lines of Nasca to create a symmetrical sweeping arc on the cliff.

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