Keene Castle Project History
I was inspired to build a castle because of the time I spent in Germany as a soldier and the time I spent in Pennsylvania which is known for its beautiful old stone farm houses. I felt that if these farmers back in the 1800s could make their own mortar and build their own houses I could certainly do the same. Especially with the help of premixed mortar from Home Depot, just add water, how convenient!

In 1998, while I was driving around looking at properties for sale, I passed through Bethlehem, NH. There I saw the Bethlehem Country Club building (left). It was at that moment that I said "hey, I should build a castle!" 

So in 1998 I started my adventure when I purchased the top of a mountain, 20 acres inside the White Mountains National Forest of New Hampshire to build my castle. Below are all the pictures I took of the project as it has unfolded over the years.