Keene Castle was designed by me, Lance Keene, using Home Designer Pro and was modeled after different castles in Europe. Le Ch√Ęteau de Vigny in France was my inspiration for the entrance. The rest of the design arose from studying how we as a family want to live & interact with the castle. From the book "The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live" I learned about flow and designing cozy spaces. Ok, I may have strayed from the "Not So Big" part but I tried to make it cozy. The design was also influenced by the contours of the cliff face. Frank Lloyd Wright believed in what he called "organic architecture". He believed that great architecture promotes harmony between design and nature. I will try to achieve that harmony with Keene Castle by using natural materials and landscaping that make the castle appear to be a natural extension of the cliff.

Design Walkthrough

In this video I take a look at the the 3D model of the castle I created in my design. I drop a camera in each room to take a look around and explain my vision. I also explain how a person who has zero experience in architectural design or construction can design and build a 7500 sq. ft. medieval castle.


Engineering Drawings

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Interior Renderings